We are proud to conduct clinical trials that have resulted in the FDA approval of pivotal drugs to treat diseases like wet macular degeneration, dry eye, and Crohn’s Disease.

Personal Care and Attention

All visits have one on one interaction the entire time

Industry leading physicians

All trials are overseen by expert medical staff and performed by our team of well-respected board-certified physicians in the clinical research industry.

Invested in the newest diagnostic technologies

Personalized medicine will lead to targeted therapies that are right for the individual.

Advanced research team


Find a study and apply online

If you qualify for the study you will be scheduled to come in for the initial visit.You will be provided with an Informed Consent Form (ICF) explaining the details of the study

We will contact you over the phone, explain in detail what is the study about and pre-screen your case

You may be asked to submit a signed medical release form so we may collect the relevant records to determine your eligibility in a clinical trial.


Dr. Nilay Mehta

Director of Research

Vivek Sawhney

Vice President

Danahe Navarrete

Chief Operating Officer 

Adriana Garcia Suji

Clinical Research Coordinator

Nima Nagarajan

Clinical Research Coordinator

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