At Advanced Research, we have conducted a large number of clinical trials in our ongoing effort to discover and deliver more effective treatments. Our mission is to help medicine move forward and bring to our community the tomorrow’s therapies today.

We work with industry-leading physicians, board-certified, and dedicated medical research staff who provide the best research services and adhere to high standards of clinical research.

Our Process

Our standard operating procedures (SOPs) and clinical execution focus on data integrity and patient safety. We maintain high-quality human clinical research conduct to ensure that our site has consistent processes that meet or exceed regulatory and good clinical practice (GCP) standards. All members of ARC’s research team are knowledgeable about these processes and training guidelines.

Moving Medicine Forward. Looking for tomorrow’s therapies today

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Our Staff

Advance Research has a highly trained and certified medical research team. Our staff is committed to providing exceptional research services. Our professional research team includes:

• Board-certified physicians
• Certified Clinical Research Coordinators
• Clinical Research Compliance Officer
• Patient Recruitment Coordinator

Our physician investigators specialize in: internal medicine, orthopedics, general ophthalmology, medical and surgical retina, oncology/hematology, gastroenterology and are actively engaged in all our clinical trials.

Danahe Navarrete

Chief Operating Officer 

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