Do you or a loved one have Dry Eyes?

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dry eye pain

Starting soon, Dr. Shailesh Gupta and Dr. Sirtaz Sibia of Advanced Research will be conducting a new study to see how effective and investigational eye drop is relieving your eye symptoms.

If you have dry, uncomfortable eyes, you may qualify to participate. The study involves 6 visits over the course of 10 weeks. If you complete these visits, you may be compensated up to $950 for your time


  • 6280 W Sample Road Suite 202, Coral Springs FL 33067

To find out if you qualify call 954-775-0765 or contact us via email

We have many upcoming Clinical Trials in Various Medical Conditions including if you wish to be added to our database.

Call us at (954)-204-0052 to talk briefly with a physician about our other clinical research trials if you are interested in participating in a clinical research trial for you condition in the future.

Please click the “Contact” Link and enter your information for our database, and one of our physician will call you back to obtain further information about your medical conditions and whether you may qualify for one of our current or upcoming research clinical trials.

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